Establishing democratic civilian control over the military is a key area of reforms initiated by Ukraine’s Defence Ministry. With effective international practices in mind, the Ministry officials are developing new approaches toward operating military and security forces to make sure the army carry out Ukrainian people’s will and serve their interests.

Reorganising Ukraine’s Defence Ministry and General Staff of the Armed Forces in accordance with NATO’s best practices will be an important step in this direction. The number of civilians employed by the Defence Ministry has already greatly increased. By the end of 2018, when our agency is completely overhauled, Ukraine’s Defence Ministry will have fully implemented Euro-Atlantic principles of civilian control over the armed forces.

Great power is concentrated in the hands of the military, and every citizen of Ukraine must be sure that only the armed forces are capable of defending their nation, territorial integrity and state sovereignty. Developing civil-military relations, as well as strengthening ties between the military, the government and civil society will contribute to reaching this goal.