Experts: Introducing Military Ombudsman Institute will Benefit Ukraine

Democratic control over the defence sector is a system. It operates properly if all of its components are installed properly and serve the main purpose: to unite the Ukrainian democracy and build the defence sector as a democratic, efficient and functioning tool of ensuring national security. The institute of a military ombudsman is one of the most important elements of democratic control and governance inside the country.

The institution of the Parliamentary Human Rights Commissioner exists in Ukraine. However, due to a broad range of issues this person is not able to get deeply involved with a specific army problem; at the same time the military ombudsman could dedicate himself to deeper analysis and influence with regard to this aspect.

For a detailed study, we suggest the article by the experts from the State and Law Institute n. a. V. M. Koretsky SAS of Ukraine, O. I. Kresina and (Doctor of Laws) and V. M. Tarasuik (attorney) “Justification of the Need to Introduce the Military Ombudsman Institute.”