MOD and AFU committed to effective civilian oversight

Given the public outcry over the elections of the new Public Council at the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the ministry will conduct a comprehensive review of all documents pertaining to the organisation and conduct of the elections to help confirm or refute media reports. Based on the results of the inquiry, decisions will be made that comply with Ukrainian law. In addition, a request will be sent to the Ministry of Justice for an official explanation of specific provisions and norms of the Government Resolution “On public participation in the formulation and realization of state policy”.

The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Ukraine are interested in having quality civilian oversight. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that the process of selecting the members of the Public Council is transparent, open, and public.

The Ministry of Defence also points out that under the Law of Ukraine “On public associations”, interference by state authorities, state officials and employees in the activities of public associations is not allowed, just as any interference by public associations in the activities of state authorities, local government, their officials, and employees is also prohibited.