National Defence University hosts first 'Democratic Civilian Control of the Military' Course

In mid-June, the course 'Democratic Civilian Control of the Military' was held at the National University of Defence of Ukraine, featuring specialists from G. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies. This event has become the first out of 6 planned.

The course was introduced in the framework of NATO Defence Education Enhancement Program (DEEP), namely within the Program on Military Education Improvement for 2017.

DEEP provides practical support to individual countries on development and reforming of professional educational institutions, facilitates increasing the defensive capacity, development of shared facilities and standardization, and also encourages unification of methodologies and processes aimed at strengthening the democratic institutions.  

The event was attended by about 40 participants from the MOD, the National Defence University and the representatives of the MODU Reforms Project Office.

In addition to professional training the international experts who were responsible for the educational component also mentored the University academic and academic-pedagogical staff to facilitate incorporation of the material into the staff development study courses. The latter are designed for the specialists of operational-strategic and tactical-strategic study levels.

As a result of the joint efforts a study course was introduced, to be launched at the University in October 2017. In November it will be given a probation among the Mater`s pursuant students of the operational-tactical study level.

The representatives of the MOD Reforms Project Office expressed readiness to deliver presentations during the next courses within Democratic Civil Control Over the Military, focusing on the following topics:

  • Civil Minister of Defence and the leadership
  • State control and the institutions of a democratic civil control over the Ukraine`s armed forces
  • Monitoring and evaluation mechanisms to the executive power
  • Cooperation between the armed forces and the civil society, civil society organizations and mass media in Ukraine
  • Rights of the military personnel
  • Awareness level
  • Transition justice